Mentoring Resources

JHG Texas adds value to our JHG Texas Nursing Scholarships with mentoring resources that help our Scholars advance their professional careers as Registered Nurses.

Resources for Your Nursing Career

Our Resources download provides JHG Texas Nursing Scholars a comprehensive list of professional nursing organizations, information to pursue credentialing and accreditation as a Registered Nurse. Links are also provided for preparation for initial licensure as Registered Nurses and where to upload resumes and find current job opportunities.

Also provided in the Resources download are links to resources to help write a resumé.  A resumé is one of the essential tools needed to land an interview. It must be an easy-to-read and well-structured presentation which is targeted toward the nursing position for which the Nursing Scholar is applying.  The links provide an important resource for the JHG Texas Nursing Scholar to learn how to develop interviewing skills, and to pursue networking and job search.   As a JHG Texas Nursing Scholar, interviews are your opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer and convince them that you are the best person for the job. Preparation is key to a successful interview! Practice interviewing skills and answering common behavioral interview questions and research the prospective hospital or clinic as much as possible.

Foundation for Choice Mentorship Program

JHG Texas is excited to announce our partnership with Patty Kuppenbender, the Executive Director of Foundation for Choice. Foundation for Choice works with at-risk high school students with one-on-one mentoring to ensure college and career readiness, but they want to assist in helping our scholarship recipients for their upcoming careers. We encourage our JHG Texas Scholars to reach out to Patty with any questions about career or workforce prep as well as financial literacy. She can assist with any issues as the Scholars prepare to enter the workforce.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

JHG Texas has set up a private, closed Facebook Group for Peer-to-Peer Mentoring.  Access is by invitation only to JHG Texas Nursing Scholars.   Mentoring support is given within this Facebook Group, where younger Nursing Scholars may benefit from the career experience and advice of more senior JHG Texas Nursing Scholars and recently graduated alumnae.

** JHG Texas does not guarantee employment or job placement. The links on this page are to be used as a resource only.